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    logging example for Django >1.3 on a shared hosting webserver

    Published on August 18, 2014

    Every one who has already worked with Django, appreciate its useful logging information in the browser when the DEBUG modus is on while you are testing your project on a localhost developement server. But it is always helpful to have a log file stored instead of showing all of Djangos ...

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    Upgrade from Django 1.3 to Django 1.4

    Published on August 12, 2014

    Recently I had the pleasure to update from Django 1.3 to Django 1.4. Due to security reasons, it is recommended to update to newer Django releases, furthermore, a Django Version older than 1.3 is not supported anymore.

    For those upgrading to a new version of Django, you ...

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    Django code syntax highlight plugin for CKEditor

    Published on Oktober 12, 2012

    In a previous post we have explained the integration of CKEditor within django admin interface. CKEditor now brings to your weblogging application common editing features found on desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.

    Actually the yellow marked button in the above screenshot for adding and updating code snippet ...

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    Django admin CKEditor integration

    Published on Oktober 10, 2012

    It prooves to be extremely useful not to write raw HTML code when posting entries for the web. For example most popular weblogging applications allow users to write entries using a simpler syntax that will be automatically converted into HTML as needed. Some of widely used so called WYSIWYG editors ...

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